Thursday, February 16

Full Lotus reviews the PSP.

Skinny: If you want multimedia on the go, look no further.

Good: Outstanding for video games, great for movies, and good for music on the go. Built-in wi-fi modem. Godly widescreen, ultra-crisp display. Slick and sleek and design. Cool custom applications via your friendly neighborhood hackers.

Bad: Fragile. Cost of software, memory, and USB cable drives up price. Internet browser has limited funtionality. Process for moving files between PSP and computer may boggle computer illiterates.

Down and Dirty: This is a badass gadget. If you’ve got 400 bucks to blow, GET ONE NOW. If you’re on the road on a lot and you want movies, music, video games, and wireless internet in the palm of your hand, GET ONE NOW. Otherwise there are better investments for home video games (Xbox Live), home movies (Limewire), and home music (Limewire again), so you might opt not to GET ONE NOW.

Rating: 4 Buddhas (Out of a possible 5)


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