Friday, February 17

How to crush the competition.

If the competition happens to be your retarded Corporate CAD Director who wants to prohibit all 250 of the company's Architectural designers and drafters from changing a single one of AutoCAD's options. Get some.

Here we are treated to a Bonus Work Sample from the Full Lotus e-mail vault. Feast your eyes on the combination for total victory.

A Note on Disclosure: It is against my employer's (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) policy for me to discuss “the company” with anyone, ever. Or something close to that. Point being until this blog makes me more money than my 9 to 5, mums the word.

Mr. (Retarded Senior CAD Director),

This email is in reference to our inability to customize AutoCAD 2006 to individual user’s needs. My background includes 13+ years as an AutoCAD user in the fields of Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Surveying, among others. I have trained professional designers and drafters in AutoCAD for over 10 years, and have managed and maintained CAD databases and CAD standards for multinational AEC firms.

The inability to customize AutoCAD for our individual users severely limits productivity and our ability to be creative in how we approach the myriad CAD challenges that we face. This translates into a dramatic reduction in ROI for our deployed CAD systems. The value of (our CAD system) lies not in its ability to be standardized across a large user-base, but in its ability to be tailored to individual drafters and for individual challenges in ways that make every drafter more productive while still achieving the same end-result from each user: high-quality, consistent construction documents.

Within our office are several highly-qualified CAD professionals with many years of CAD experience. These individuals bring to bear a great deal CAD problem-solving knowledge. This knowledge is often applied via AutoCAD customization which solves problems that are unique to our office and to our users. These efforts have, without question, reduced our production costs significantly. Customizing a CAD system at the user level to solve unique challenges increases ROI dramatically. This fact cannot be overstated, and is undisputed among CAD professionals.

I am told by my superiors that ("the company") is a progressive company. Frankly our current policy towards CAD deployment is most definitely un-progressive.


(Full Lotus)
Team Leader, Senior Drafter
("the company") – Atlanta, GA


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