Monday, April 24

The Vault Reopened: Letters to Congress!

Full Lotus wrote the following letter in response to 2 Georgia congresspersons, Nathan Deal and Charles W. Norwood, voting against Net Neutrality. Shame on them, we say.

April 27, 2006

Re: Net Neutrality

Representative Deal,

I am writing you in regards to the issue of Net Neutrality. I have lived in Georgia for 23 years, and Atlanta for 10. I am 28 years old, a former Georgia Tech student and Governor’s Honors Program participant; and am employed by a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta. I actively educate myself on political and policy matters that affect Georgians the greatest. I am deeply concerned about future legislation in the area of Net Neutrality.

Because of the present Broadband oligopoly in Georgia, our consumers are afforded fewer choices, and less competition is fostered in the Broadband marketplace. Broadband access prices will continue to rise unchecked, deepening the divide between the haves and have-nots in Georgia. Affordable Internet access is crucial to giving all Georgians, and all Americans, equal opportunity for success and well-being.

The consequences of allowing for-profit organizations to control the Broadband Internet include internet censorship and discrimination on a global scale. If Net Neutrality legislation is not vigorously enforced by Congress, our democracy will be threatened by irreparable harm. Today corporations enjoy far greater liberties and protections than American citizens themselves. Today nearly all major media outlets including television, radio, and print are misinforming Americans in the name of profit. These are pitiful conditions if we aim to ensure a vibrant democracy for our children and our children’s children. The Internet must be protected from a similar condition. Please vote to guarantee that Georgians will have uncensored access to all information on the Internet forever. It starts with Net Neutrality.

You voted against Net Neutrality on April 26th by voting ‘NAY’ in the Markey Amendment Vote. This is very unfortunate for our state and for our country. I urge you and your colleagues to learn more about this issue and all that is at stake. I will be sending a similar letter to your House Housecolleague, Representative Norwood, in the hopes that Georgia’s Representatives will soon support legislation that protects Net Neutrality. I truly appreciate your continued attention to this vital issue.


----- ------------

Atlanta, GA


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